Virtuosic is a four-screen video piece which falls somewhere in between performance and installation art. Four musicians were recorded individually from one another playing Schubert's iconic Death and the Maiden, only coming together to form a string quartet in the virtual realm of the piece. The score is spliced, rearranged, layered and transposed entirely from the original Schubert quartet.

Music and visuals conceived and created by Hannah Wasileski

Violin I: Hannah Wasileski, Violin II: James McKenzie, Viola: Mary Kelly, Cello: Rob Lewis

Undergraduate thesis; originally performed at Grand Parade, Brighton, 2007; further commissions included The Video Art Gallery, London, 2007 and the National Review of Live Art Festival, Glasgow, 2008

VIRTUOSIC Work in Progress: Video Trio

A video trio exploring the interplay of the real and the virtual, as the projected performers interact with physical violins in the installation space.

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