Verklärte Nacht

A performance for string sextet and projections with the music of Arnold Schoenberg in which the visuals illuminate the score and play in duet with the musicians. Staged in an immersive environment, the music and the projections become seamlessly interwoven. The projections play with perceptions of reality – what begins as the live musicians' "shadows" slowly evolves to take on a life and lyrical story itself.

Conceived and created by Hannah Wasileski

Musicians: Hen-Shuo Steven Chang (Violin I), Hye Jin Koh (Violin II), Victor Fournelle-Blain (Viola I), Leonard Chiang (Viola II), Andrew Hayhurst (Cello I), Christopher Hwang (Cello II)

Music Director: Michael Friedmann
Lighting: Nina Hyun Seung Lee
Performed at the Yale School of Drama, New Haven, Connecticut in April 2013

The video below is the projected imagery that surrounded the live performers

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