Hansel & Gretel

Set against the rich and evocative tapestry of the Bayou, Houston Grand Opera’s digital production of the opera was designed specifically for the screen. The singers were filmed entirely on green screen and then immersed in a fully illustrated and animated world in post-production.

Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz
Music by Engelbert Humperdinck
Conducted by Patrick Summers

Visual Design and Original Art by Hannah Wasileski

Costume & Angel Puppet Design by Montana Levi Blanco

Post-Production team: 
Lead Post-Production: Hannah Wasileski; Lead Editor: Paul Lieber; Lead Animator: Gabriel Aronson; Lead Compositor: Elizabeth Mak; Lead Illustrator: Jayoung Yoon; Lead Assets: Yi Zhao
Camera & Director of Photography: Ben Doyle

Gretel: Raven McMillon; Hansel: Sun-Ly Pierce; Gertrude: Lindsay Kate Brown; Peter: Blake Denson; Sandman / Dew Fairy: Elena Villalón; The Witch: Richard Trey Smagur

Produced by Houston Grand Opera, streamed on Marquee TV, May–June 2021

green screen process:

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