A Proust Sonata

The world premiere of A Proust Sonata: 7 tableaux en musique brings together text, music and image, evoking the fashionable world of belle epoque salons, Proust's brilliant insights on art and music, and the connection between memory and the passage of time. Inspired by Marcel Proust's early 20th century masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time, and the author's final reclusive years when he withdrew from French society to complete his seven volume magnum opus.

Conceived and directed by Sarah Rothenberg

Presented by Da Camera

Set & Costumes: Marina Draghici; Lighting: Jennifer Tipton; Sound: Bart Fasbender

Performed at Wortham Theater Center, Houston, Texas in February 2016
and Alliance Française New York, spring 2018

Photos: Ben Doyle

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